The most popular situation for a carpet runner is in a hallway, and most runners are designed to partially fit those spaces. But, standard size carpet runners are very often not the ideal solution to fit many halls. There is such a massive variation of shapes and sizes, some halls are square or L-shaped while others, particularly in terraced houses, have a dog-leg shape that virtually spans the length of the property. Bungalows and cottages all have very different hall configurations where a standard solution just won’t fit the bill.

At we can custom make a hallway runner in 100% wool to the width and length you require. Whether you require extra long, or just weird, you have a choice of designs that truly bespoke so you can colour and scale to ideally suit your hallway.  Commercial situations such as hotels, offices and stores also have many an anomaly where it’s difficult to make those long narrow areas look right. We can produce designs that flow with the shape and size of your hall, we can even do shapes and modules. Use our online design and colour software to obtain a price and order feeler samples before you buy. Or call us with your particular problem area.

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