Bespoke Runners: We scale the design to suit the proportionsFrom home to home the typical hallways drastically vary in size and shape, yet there is very little choice available when it comes to standard carpet runner sizes. The classic dog-leg shape hall in a terrace house can virtually span the length of the property, while halls of bungalows, semi-detached and cottages all take a unique configuration of their own. The bottom line is; there isn’t really a standard one fits all solution.

At we specialise in custom made carpet runners in 100% wool. If you’re looking for extra length and width, or maybe a matching rug and runner combination we can produce it to your exact specification. We can even produce in L shapes or T shapes. Use our online design and colour software to price the runner and order samples of the colour and quality. With our design software, the patterns on longer runners will often look distorted. Don’t worry, these are bespoke runners and we’ll adjust the scale of the design to suit the size you require before you place your order. Or you can contact us if you have a particular problem area.

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