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When looking for something that’s a little different with a tribal influence, that ain’t “run of the mill”, we stumbled upon Kuba Textiles. These textiles originate from the African Kuba people of the Congo Republic, formally Zaire, and the designs are made from patchwork embroidered onto a plain cloth. The design motifs are quite unique and said it re-counts to mathematics and music. The fibre for Kuba cloth is produced with leaves from the raffia tree which is coloured using the reddish dyes of the camwood tree, mud and indigo. This gives the Kuba cloth it’s unique earthy look.

Our rugs are merely influenced by the colouration and characteristics of Kuba design. We feel the designs are exciting and fresh with warm earthy tones that will blend with modern décor. Our rug design software will give you the option to add your own accent colour to suit the mood of your room. We hand-tuft our rugs using 100% wool and custom make the design to your required size and shape. If you search for “Kuba Cloth” on your favourite search engine, then click images, you’ll be confronted with a multitude of décor accessories and design ideas.

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