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Create a unique designer rug in our “Rug Architect” category gives you even more control of the final design allowing you to drag, drop, resize and recolour individual elements. While this can be done on a mobile phone or iPad your will have more control using a desktop or laptop computer.

Creating your own designer rugs with the app is easy, From the top design bar, first click Size and input your required size in centimetres, your should see the price of the finished rug in up to 6 colours in the design footer. Next click “Color” and select a colour for your background, then click “Image”, select a folder and click an image, when the image is on the base colour, drag it to the required size and select a colour from the image colour tab.

To add more design elements and colours click on the “Image” icon and repeat the process. There is a short instruction video on the description tabs. Once you have a coloured design, add it basket and checkout to order samples.

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