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There’s just something about stripes

Stiped rugs in 100% woolThe simple stripe has many qualities in the world of fashion and décor, it’s really one of the most ancient of designs, but we also visualise it as uber modern. Whether it’s a rug or an item of clothing, it’s weird how such a simple concept can offer such diversity in colour and design. In both clothing and home decor we see a vast array of vertical, horizontal and diagonal interpretations, that even spill into variations of animal stripes like the tiger and zebra.


In the world of sport, the stripe in its many guises is commonly associated with teams, while in industry and commerce we can instantly distinguish a butcher from a businessman by the style of stripe they’d wear. Prisoners also wore stripes to make them easily recognisable, and likewise in home décor the stripe is often used on walls and soft furnishings to make a standout statement.


Because vertical stripes make objects appear narrower and horizontal stripes appear wider, we often favour the more flattering vertical stripe in clothing. In the home however, literally anything goes. When decorating your home you can choose the direction to make an area flow endlessly or stop abruptly. Using colour too, is so important. Many designs have stripes of varying widths and colours that blend evenly from one hue to the next, where others offer stark contrasts.


At I Want a Rug, we aim to offer you a varied choice of rugs with a range of striped designs in every possible concept. Choose high contrasting multicoloured rugs to rugs that are subtly toned. As with all of our rugs they are bespoke, meaning you are able to order in custom sizes and you can even customise to your preferred colours.

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