Fusion Pieces in Sage and Aqua

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To complement this modern rug design we have fused the colours of sage green and denim blue. This is the starting point to innovate, it’s now up to you to select the size and background colour to suit your room. Once you are satisfied with the look and price you can preview your creation and order your samples.  When you receive the samples and are confident with the quality we will   

Your rug will be handmade using 100% pure wool

Designer Tips on green and blue  

Greens and blues are perfect partners as they create contrast in a good way, we can all imagine green hills against a blue sky. What’s really fascinating is the range of other colours that also contrast effortlessly. Terracotta or Yellow Ochre, for example, brings warm Hispanic tones to the cool blues, while darker greys and purple, aubergine shades portray a sophisticated regal look. Experiment with over 90 background colours to find your perfect combination.