The small samples we offer do not reproduce the overall beauty of the finished rug, but they do allow you to appreciate the quality and match your colours perfectly.


Creating a rug from scratch isn't a project for the faint hearted, but if you're looking for something a little different, having a bespoke rug produced it may be the only way. We offer a massive range of designs and colours that you can plan and save using our online design system. If you are looking for a design that isn't on our system just contact us and we'll do our very best to accommodate your requirements .

We have also linked the colours to the relevant page in this site gives you great information on related and contrasting colour variations, along with similar colours in many popular paint systems. But before you commit always check actual samples as web colours can vary dramatically between devices.

BE1: ER-11 Ecru #c7bd86

ER-11 Ecru

BE2: AH-06 Pale Brown

AH-06 Pale Brown

BE3: EI-12 Bronze (Metallic)

EI-12 Bronze (Metallic)

BE4: DL-11 Straw

DL-11 Straw

BE5: RAL-9016 Traffic White (Light Cream)

RAL-9016 Traffic White (Lt Cream)

BE6: AH-11 Light Khaki

AH-11 Light Khaki

BE7: AD-12 Dark Khaki

AD-12 Dark Khaki

BE8: DT-09 Spanish Bistre

DT-09 Spanish Bistre

BE9: DC-10 Pale Oak

DC-10 Pale Oak

10: DN12 Vegas Gold

DN12 Vegas Gold

Lithic Vibes designer rug

Lithic Vibrations

BL1: BJ-04 Dark Midnight Blue

BJ-04 Dark Midnight Blue

BL2: EO-01 Very Dark Blue

EO-01 Very Dark Blue

BL3: BH-04 Aqua Green

BH-04 Aqua Green

BL4:BJ-01 Navy Blue

BJ-01 Navy Blue

BL5: BI-07 Persian Green

BI-07 Persian Green

BL6: BH-06 Saxon Blue

BH-06 Saxon Blue

BL7: BJ-10 Duck Egg

BJ-10 Duck Egg

BL8: RAL-5017 Traffic Blue

RAL-5017 Traffic Blue

BL9: BG-07 Winter Green

BG-07 Winter Green

BL10: RAL-5022 Deep Purple

RAL-5022 Deep Purple

BL11: BH-08 Powder Blue

BH-08 Powder Blue

Retro Funky Rugs

Retro Funky Rugs

BN1: AB-10 Stone Beige

AB-10 Stone Beige

BN2: AJ-02 Dark Taupe

AJ-02 Dark Taupe

BN3: AA-10 Chocolate Brown

AA-10 Chocolate Brown

BN4: AG-01 Medium Taupe

AG-01 Medium Taupe

BN5: AG-12 French Beige

AG-12 French Beige

BN6:AA-01 Dark Mahogany

AA-01 Dark Mahogany

BN7: CA-01 Pine Needle

CA-01 Pine Needle

BN8: RAL-8016 Scorched Brown

RAL-8016 Scorched Brown

BN9: AA-06 Dark Lava

AA-06 Dark Lava

BN10: AB-04 Café Noir

AB-04 Café Noir

BN11: AG-04 Shutter Brown

AG-04 Shutter Brown

Tartan Trends Rugs

Tartan Trends Rugs

GN1: CT-02 Jungle Green

CT-02 Jungle Green

GN2:  CI-06 Shiny Shamrock

CI-06 Shiny Shamrock

 GN3: CR-02 Night Green

CR-02 Night Green

GN4: CJ-11 Pistachio

CJ-11 Pistachio

GN5: CH-02 Racing Green

CG-01 Dark Green

GN6: CH-02 Racing Green

CH-02 Racing Green

GN7: CK-03 Lincoln Green

CK-03 Lincoln Green

GN8: CS-01 Night Forest

CS-01 Night Forest

GN9: CM-05 Royal Green

CM-05 Royal Green

 GN10: RAL-6018 Luscious Grass

RAL-6018 Luscious Grass

GN11: CB-01 Imperial Jade

CB-01 Imperial Jade

Persian Scroll Rug

Persian Scroll Rug

PK1: EQ-07 Granite Grey

EQ-07 Granite Grey

PK2: RAL-4010 Fuchisia Rose

RAL-4010 Fuchisia Rose

PK3: AP-02 Crimson Red

AP-02 Crimson Red

PK4: AQ-12 Tumbleweed Pink

AQ-12 Tumbleweed Pink

PK5: AK-01 Peony Rose

AK-01 Peony Rose

PK6: AQ-02 Burgundy

AT-01 Dk Scarlet

PK7: AQ-02 Burgundy

AQ-02 Burgundy

PK8: ED-01 Purple Grape

ED-01 Purple Grape

PK9: AN-02 Candy Pink

AN-02 Candy Pink

PK10: AK-08 Frosty Rose

AK-08 Frosty Rose

PK11: EL-01 Twilight Mist

EL-01 Twilight Mist

Order Rug Samples

Order Rug Samples

SD1: DP-01 Shadow Bronze

DP-01 Shadow Bronze

SD2: RAL-8011 Dark Sienna

EH-01 Dark Sienna

SD3:  RAL-8011 Dark Chocolate

RAL-8011 Dark Chocolate

SD4:  DQ-01 Chestnut Brown

DQ-01 Chestnut Brown

SD5: DN-06 Sepia

DN-06 Sepia

SD6:  DQ-03 Golden Tan

DQ-03 Golden Tan

SD7: DQ-07 Ochre Sand

DQ-07 Ochre Sand

SD8: DQ-05 Golden Glow

DQ-05 Golden Glow

SD9:  RAL-8017 Blackened Peat

RAL-8017 Blackened Peat

Order Rug Samples

Order Rug Samples

SR1: AJ-06 Silver Grey

AJ-06 Silver Grey

SR2: BK-01 Anthracite

BK-01 Anthracite

SR3: BT-01 Black Shadow

BT-01 Black Shadow

SR4: BL-07 Tainted Silver

BL-07 Tainted Silver

SR5: BT-03 Pearl Black

BT-03 Pearl Black

SR6: BL-05 Stormy Cloud

BL-05 Stormy Cloud

SR7: BT-07 Charcoal

BT-07 Charcoal

SR8: BN-02 Deep Sea Green

BN-02 Deep Sea Green

SR9: BP-04 Onyx Haze

BP-04 Onyx Haze

SR10: BK-09 French Grey

BK-09 French Grey

Order Rug Samples

Order Rug Samples

TA1: RAL-3016 Burnt Umber

RAL-3016 Burnt Umber

TA2: RAL-3028 Orange Glow

RAL-3028 Orange Glow

TA3: DK-03 Hot Terracotta

DK-03 Hot Terracotta

TA4: RAL-3004 Ruby Slipper

RAL-3004 Ruby Slipper

TA5: RAL-2002 Ripe Tomato

RAL-2002 Ripe Tomato

TA6: RAL-3013 Hawaiian Sunset

RAL-3013 Hawaiian Sunset

TA7: DM-02 Rusty Brick

DM-02 Rusty Brick

TA8: RAL-3020 Cranburry Bling

RAL-3020 Cranburry Bling

TA9: DL-03 Marmalade

DL-03 Marmalade

TA10: RAL-3001 Signal Red

RAL-3001 Signal Red

TA11: RAL-2009 Traffic Orange

RAL-2009 Traffic Orange

TA11: RAL-3000 Red Dust

RAL-3000 Red Dust

Order Rug Samples

Order Rug Samples

YE1: DJ-05 Texas Rose

DJ-05 Texas Rose

YE2: DH-01 Butterscotch

DH-01 Butterscotch

YE3: DJ-10 Pastel Gold

DJ-10 Pastel Gold

YE4: RAL-1005 Fools Gold

RAL-1005 Fools Gold

YE5: DI-01 Ripened Corn

DI-01 Ripened Corn

YE6: DJ-02 Sunflower Haze

DJ-02 Sunflower Haze

YE7: DH-02 Classic Ochre

DH-02 Classic Ochre

YE8: DH-09 Dandilion

DH-09 Dandilion

YE9: DI-04 Honey Pot

DI-04 Honey Pot

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