Art Deco Panel Rug with over 9000 colour combinations

Order Samples @ £3.99

(£126.00 per square metre to customise this rug)

Tax included

The 1920’s and 30’s saw the rise of the Art deco style and is the stimulus of this non-symmetrical panel design. The design has a choice of 96 foreground colours with 96 background colours to customise the rug to your perfect blend. This gives you a possible 9,216 colour combinations  

To customise the design of your Art Deco panel rug, first select your size to determine the rugs dimension and obtain the price. Select the base colour using the colour icon in the header, then click the image icon and hit the Art Deco button, click on the pattern image to bring to the rug. Then hover or tap on the image to reveal the tabs that allow you to stretch the image to cover the rug. To recolour the foreground, tap or hover over the foreground image and select the colour tab.

Once you are satisfied with you colours just add to basket. We will send you a sample pack of the colour, quality and design template. When you are confident with your choice your rug can be ordered.

Your custom made rug will be handmade with a 100% wool pile and backed with jute, we aim to deliver in around 6 weeks of receiving your confirmed order.