About us

Iwantarug.com is developed to bring you sensibly priced custom-made wool rugs. Our systems have been developed to give you the ability to colour, size and price the rug to your exacting requirements in a few simple clicks. The price we quote is for the finished rug delivered to your door. No surprises, no hidden extras! So, how does it work?

Our bespoke online design service is easy to use on desktop, pads or phones, it allows you to colour, size and price the finished rug. With 96 standard colours and numerous design templates, you should be able to find combinations to suit your home. Once you’ve designed and coloured, you can download and print, store or share a copy of your vision.

Of course, at this point, your vision needs to become a reality. The problem with online designing is colours will differ from monitor to monitor. Rugs are tactile and your expectations of the finished quality may differ to our descriptions.

Our solution to this is to make samples of the actual quality and colours of the rugs you will receive. Much like paint manufactures supply matchpots to test the colours before you commit, we will supply a range of small samples in the colours you have produced the design. We also provide some variations in shades just in case those monitor settings aren’t ringing true.

You’ve designed your rug and the next stage is to order your samples online, there is a small charge for the samples which is credited to your order should you decide to proceed. Add your design to the cart, you will see an image of your design in the basket, we will also receive all of the colour information to post samples to you. Pay for your samples and we will send a pack.