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Marco Polo antique Mongolian style rugs in over 1,000 colours options

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  • Rugs & runners are custom made to your size and colours.
  • Online designer rug tool for instant colour and price.
  • Order samples before you make your final choice.
  • Ask about design and variations, there's no extra charge and no obligation.

To design this rug, first select "size" in the design toolbar and input your required dimensions, then click or tap the "Image" icon and select the design. The image will appear on the plain rug background, drag and expand the image to fill the rug area. You can change the background colour by clicking the "color" icon on the design tool and the foreground colour by hovering the mouse arrow or tapping the foreground then selecting the colour icon.       

The inspiration for our “Marco Polo” rug collection came from the Netflix series by the same name. Influenced by the large tonal rugs used on the walls, floors and doorways in the yurts of Kublai Khan and his tribes, we created a collection of antique style Mongolian style designs. The original Mongol rugs were not woven in a traditional fashion, but produced by wetting, flattening and rolling (dragged on a pole by horses) wool into a thick felt. This meant any designs had to be relatively bold a simplistic. 

Our Mongolian style rugs use a combination of two colours and are hand-tufted using a high-grade wool. As with all our rugs, they are made to measure, and you can choose from over 90 base colour combinations.               

Just use our design software to size, price and colour your perfect combination, when your satisfied click "Add to basket" to order colour and quality samples. Our samples are cut from standard production swatches, so you can see the texture and feel the quality of the finished rug. Once you confirm your order the rug will be made and shipped to your door in around 6 weeks. 

Online Rug Designer
On the top design bar
  1. Click or tap "Size" and input your size in centimetres
  2. Click or tap "Color" and select an accent or base colour "Add to Cart" to save.
  3. If you're seeing an "Image" icon, click "Image" and select a design
  4. Hover, drag and colour the design. Click, "Add to Cart" to save
  5. Or to simply order samples without designing >> Click Here <<<

Please Note: Long runners and rugs may look distorted when sized, we will always revamp the design to suit the shape.