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Designer Bordered Rugs with unlimited colour and design options any in length any width

Order Samples @ £3.99

(£126.00 per square metre to customise this rug)

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  • Wool rugs & runners custom made to your size & colour.
  • Online designer rug tool for instant colour and price.
  • Order samples before you make your final choice.
  • We aim to deliver in 6 weeks.
  • Ask about design & colour modifications, there's no extra charge & no obligation.
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Bordered rugs offer a degree of elegance and simplicity as they can be contemporary or traditional. Our border range is available with a collection of borders that you can drag, drop, resize and recolour to give your own unique look to what is primarily a simple design.

To design your bordered rug using our design tool first select the “Size” icon and input the size you require in centimetres. You should now have the scaled version of the rug along with the finished price. Now select the “Color” icon and choose your base colour. The next step is to click the “Image” icon, then click the “Borders” tab, then select a border image. It should appear on the background colour of the rug. You can now recolour and resize the drag and drop the border elements.

If you are overlaying design elements you will need to bring the image you are working on to the front. You can do this by hovering over the image and using the up and down arrow icons to bring the element forward or send it back

This rug is custom made in 100% wool, hand tufted and backed with hessian. You will be limited to 6 different colour options on this offering.

This is a bespoke rug made to your required size in any length between 120cm to 600cm and any length between 60cm and 400cm in width, you can also add your own splash of colour from our colour bank of over 90 colours to make your purchase truly unique. The new rug will be hand tufted using 100% wool and delivered to your door in around 6 weeks.

Our online custom design app allows you to size and price the rug while giving the option to colourise your desired accent colour into the finished design. Once you have priced the finished rug and are happy with the overall look of the designs and colours, you can order samples to confirm the colour and quality we are offering.  


How to Design

Online Rug Designer
On the top design bar
  1. Click or tap "Size" and input your size in centimetres
  2. Click or tap "Color" and select an accent or base colour "Add to Cart" to save.
  3. If you're seeing an "Image" icon, click "Image" and select a design
  4. Hover, drag and colour the design. Click, "Add to Cart" to save
  5. Or to simply order samples without designing >> Click Here <<<
  6. Once you confirm you order we aim to deliver in around 6 weeks.

Please Note: Long runners and rugs may look distorted when sized, we will always revamp the design to suit the shape.