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Xanadu made to size carpet runner in over 90 colour variations

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(£126.00 sq mtr to customise this carpet runner)

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  • Wool rugs & runners custom made to your size & colour.
  • Online designer rug tool for instant colour and price.
  • Order samples before you make your final choice.
  • We aim to deliver in 6 weeks.
  • Ask about design & colour modifications, there's no extra charge & no obligation.
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Traditional Tones hallway runner uses traditional design elements in a modern way, the scrolling border and Fleur de Lys style centre medallion give the rug a European feel. The runner is produced by hand using high-grade wool and made to your required size with a choice of over 90 different base colours.

Just use our design software to size, price and colour your perfect combination, when you're satisfied click "Add to basket" to order colour and quality samples. Our samples are cut from standard production swatches so you can see the texture and feel the quality of the finished rug. Once you confirm your order the rug will be made and shipped to your door in around 6 weeks.

Ochre is an earthy yellow/gold that blends perfectly with terracottas, burgundies, reds, blues, greys, greens, beiges and greys.

Styling your new rug with the design tool is easy. With a massive choice of over 100 different colours the tool is designed to resize, price and transform to give you a true representation of what the finished design will look like. Using the tool with just background or accent colour changes can be operated on desktop and mobile devices. If you are creating more complex designs we recommend using a desktop or laptop computer.   

1: Click or tap on the “size” icon and input the size of the rug in whole centimetres. This will give you the price of the finished job.

2: Click or tap on the “color” icon, choose a colour then click “choose a product color” at the bottom of the menu. Then click or tap the colourbox x (or tap outside the colourbox) to close it. 

3: On some listings there is also and “Image” icon, this gives you greater design and colour flexibility. To use this, first input your required size and change the background colour. Click or tap the “Image” icon and select one of the design options available, with a single click. The selected image will appear on top of the background, if you can’t see the image back go to step 2.

Rug design Tool Instructions

Once you have the overlay image on the sized rug you can drag the overlay to position, then resize, recolour and centralise it using the icons. You can add multiple overlay images to build a truly unique design. Tip: When working with multiple overlays send the larger images to the back. It just makes designing easier.


  • Size: Input your required size the minimum width is 50cm (1ft 9in) and maximum width is 400cm (13ft 1in). The minimum length is 120cm (3ft 11in) and the maximum length is 600cm (19ft 7in).
  • Color: Is used to choose your base, background or accent colour. Select your colour from over 100 colour options, then click “choose a product color” button to change the base colour.
  • Image: You can make you rug truly unique by clicking on the image tag and building your own design. Use multiple overlays that can be resized and re-coloured.

Online Rug Designer
On the top design bar
  1. Click or tap "Size" and input your size in centimetres
  2. Click or tap "Color" and select an accent or base colour "Add to Cart" to save.
  3. If you're seeing an "Image" icon, click "Image" and select a design
  4. Hover, drag and colour the design. Click, "Add to Cart" to save
  5. Or to simply order samples without designing >> Click Here <<<
  6. Once you confirm you order we aim to deliver in around 6 weeks.

Please Note: Long runners and rugs may look distorted when sized, we will always revamp the design to suit the shape.