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Square Rugs | Traditional Edge Persian style rug design | You choose the base colour and size

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  • Wool rugs & runners custom made to your size & colour.
  • Online designer rug tool for instant colour and price.
  • Order samples before you make your final choice.
  • We aim to deliver in 6 weeks.
  • Ask about design & colour modifications, there's no extra charge & no obligation.
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Square Rug Designs | The Traditional Trends rug has been redesigned to be square, There is still a great mix classic and contemporary colours, the definitive Aubussion design coloured have typical Chinese characteristics. There are over 90 base colours you can use to compliment the styling while matching your existing décor.        

 Just use our design software to size, price and colour your perfect combination, when you're satisfied click "Add to basket" to order colour and quality samples. Our samples are cut from standard production swatches, so you can see the texture and feel the quality of the finished rug. Once you confirm your order the rug will be made and shipped to your door in around 6 weeks.  

Beiges and creams can be mix and matched with virtually any other colour, from rich burgundies to vibrant blues at on end of the scale and pastel yellows to pale greens at the other. With a choice of 90 colours you are sure to find your ideal blend.        

Persian Sq
Online Rug Designer
On the top design bar
  1. Click or tap "Size" and input your size in centimetres
  2. Click or tap "Color" and select an accent or base colour "Add to Cart" to save.
  3. If you're seeing an "Image" icon, click "Image" and select a design
  4. Hover, drag and colour the design. Click, "Add to Cart" to save
  5. Or to simply order samples without designing >> Click Here <<<
  6. Once you confirm you order we aim to deliver in around 6 weeks.

Please Note: Long runners and rugs may look distorted when sized, we will always revamp the design to suit the shape.